Instant replay page

The instant replay page shows the latest jumps at the tournament. It works on PCs and cell phones. It works best on cell phones if the screen is turned sideways.

Viewing this web page on a cell phone does consume a lot of data. Videos average 1 to 1.5 MB in size.

The web page does not automatically refresh. It gets the list of available videos when the page is loaded and starts playing the most recent video at .25 (1/4) speed. You can refresh the list of videos by pressing the [Refresh] button. If you are using this cell phone at the tournament, you will need to wait between 30 seconds and a minute after the jump for the most recent jump video to have been uploaded to the web. If one of your favorite jumpers just jumped, wait 30 seconds, then press the refresh button to see the instant replay. If the jump does not show up, wait a little then try it again.

You can select a previous jump by selecting the time that the jumper jumped from the drop down menu of videos, organized by time. The videos are sorted in reverse time order so the most recent videos are at the top of the list and the oldest videos are at the bottom. The [Prev] button will select the video that was recorded earlier than the current video. The [Next] button will select the video that was recorded later. These buttons are easier to use than the drop down list. You can select the play-back rate. It can be full speed (1x), half speed (.5x) quarter speed (.25x) or tenth speed (.1x). This is done with the drop down speed selector. It defaults to .25x.

The [Replay] button restarts the current video from the start.

The [Pause/Play] button will switch the video between playing and paused.

The [+1/60sec] and [-1/60sec] pause the video if it is not paused. It then sets the current frame playing by adjusting the current time being displayed. This is done by either adding or subtracting 1/60th of a second to the current display time.

Have fun.

Designed and written by Dave Hansen - Norge Ski Club member - Contact me via email with this link (will lauch your email program).